My Family

I have been blessed to have been married to my wife Diane for the past 38 years. Together we settled in Conway, WA where we built  our home and raised our 2 beautiful daughters Amanda and Lacey. Conway School will always hold a special place in our hearts, as it was ground zero for Robertson family volunteering, coaching, and playing for nearly two decades.

Amanda, Lacey, Diane, and Robbie. November, 2017.

After volunteering her time and energy for nearly 20 years, Diane was elected to the Conway School Board where she served for 7 years before retiring. Today, Diane is the assistant manager at a popular home decor store in Burlington where she is free to pursue her love of design and merchandising.

My eldest daughter, Amanda, serves as the Chief of Staff for a Texas State Representative and keeps me apprised of water policy issues impacting Texas, while still keeping close tabs on our Skagit PUD. Amanda is a 2005 graduate of Mount Vernon High School and a 2009 graduate of Hillsdale College with a double major in both Political Economy and Sociology.

My youngest daughter, Lacey, is also a graduate of Hillsdale College (2014) with a major in Speech & Communications. She is a recent newlywed and resides in Skagit County where she has committed her time to local non-profits while working for a local insurance company. She remains actively involved with her local church and Young Life group.

WPUDA Yearly Meeting & Dinner, 2010.


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