Judy Reservoir

Judy Reservoir (named after L.B. Judy, the District’s first general manager) is a 1.45 billion gallon reservoir that delivers 30 million gallons of water through 600 miles of pipeline each and every day to Skagit PUD customers.

For 17 years, 2001-2017, Skagit PUD’s water treatment plants have performed above voluntary regulatory standards. The WA Department of Health awarded the PUD with the elite “Platinum Award” for continuously optimized performance of their water treatment plants. Only three other utilities have achieved the same level of consistent excellence. Year after year the PUD is commended for its commitment to quality.

In April 2018, Skagit PUD was awarded with the “High Five” Award from the Washington State Department of Health – Office of Drinking Water for its efforts in securing 250 acres of forested land within the Cultus Mountain Watershed, around Gilligan Creek. The property will protect drinking water quality far into the future.

45% of the PUD’s source water for the Judy Reservoir Water System comes from Gilligan Creek.


Providing water for a growing community


Skagit PUD Receives Gold Award for Judy Reservoir System

  Seventeen years of continuously optimized performance, 2001-2017*


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