Legislative Reform

WPUDA has allowed me to work with various state and federal legislators on water issues of paramount importance to Skagit County, the state of Washington, and the greater Pacific Northwest. I have become a recognized and respected voice of the Northwest Delegation and am known for my tireless promotion of Skagit PUD. It is a recognition I am proud of, and honored to have had the opportunity to serve in these capacities.

WPUDA’s Annual Legislative Coffee Reception at the Capitol. 2018.

On the legislative front, I have long been involved with much of the water legislation that has come out of Olympia the last 17 years. From the recently passed “Hirst Fix” legislation to the Municipal Water Law of 2003, providing greater certainty to water suppliers – particularly municipalities – that they will have water available for future growth, my work with the Washington PUD Association (WPUDA) has been a huge asset for Skagit PUD and its ratepayers.

I am currently serving my second term as Chairman of the WPUDA Water Committee, as well as a of WPUDA’s Telecommunications and Government Affairs Committees.

I also serve on the Washington State Department of Health – Water Advisory Group, which is a broad-based group of water purveyors and consultants throughout the State who provide input and perspective to the Department’s staff regarding all things related to drinking water.

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