Priorities & Qualifications

4.18.18 - TankDedication_WPUDAPic-2Today, Skagit PUD is recognized by our neighboring utilities, and utilities across the Pacific Northwest, as a model of operation and efficiency. Additionally, the PUD now operates with direction, purpose, and structure, adhering to a 5-Year Strategic Plan that was developed and implemented in 2017-2018.  Receiving the official nod as one of the best operated, best managed and best water delivery systems in the state is certainly a badge that I wear proudly, but nothing is achieved without hard work and knowledge of your issues.

For me, as a candidate for the District 2, my knowledge of, and dedication to the representation and preservation of the Skagit PUD and what it represents for this County, is unrivaled and is spoken for in the projects and developments I have helped propose and oversee since first taking office in 2001.

It has been a privilege to help right past wrongs and put the Skagit PUD back on track. Under my guidance and leadership the PUD has become an efficient, recognized model for utility organizations throughout the state.

If re-elected, the 3 priorities for me will be:

  • Continuing to advance and enhance the quality and morale of Skagit PUD employees;
  • Finalize implementation of our 5-year strategic planning initiative which will guide the PUD’s decision-making process in three major areas – Customer Focused Services, Communication with the Public and our Partners, and Internal Operations, Communication and Organizational Development;
  • Addressing the financial needs of the next 10 year Capital Improvements Plan.

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