About Robbie

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your District 2 PUD Commissioner. As the incumbent in this election I am proud to stand on my leadership and success and hope you will agree and honor me with your vote

A PUD Commissioner by definition must be a conservationist and, as a manager and steward of the resources, must also be an environmentalist.  Commissioners establish the policies by which the utility operates to ensure our resources are maintained for the use and benefit of current and future generations.

Over my three terms as Skagit PUD Commissioner, District 2, I have been a leader in conservation, innovation, and fiscal responsibility.

The more the PUD can become energy independent the more the savings to our ratepayer, and the end result is more efficient use of the resources and management of the environment.

Due to the policies I have championed, Skagit PUD is now recognized throughout the State and the Northwest as being one of the best operated, best managed and best water delivery systems by any Public Utility. How we got here is a long road but together we have been successful in many areas, such as:

  • Completion of the new 6.4-million-gallon water tank located in Mount Vernon that will serve the community for well over 100 years.
  • A new booster control station provides complete control of every pump and valve in nearly 700 miles of pipe that makes up the Judy Reservoir system.
  • Applying GIS Satellite technology for 24/7 stream flow monitoring of the 4 streams that feed Judy Reservoir so the conditions of our water sources are known at all times.
  • Establishing a very aggressive and detailed Asset Management Program, which eliminates the old way of replacing pipe and allows PUD Engineers to strategically prioritize replacement.
  • Growing Skagit PUD from a $96 million gross asset utility to a $224 gross asset utility using my knowledge of banking and finance to increase the PUD’s value while avoiding unnecessary rate increases.

I have proven to be a strong defender of our environment as demonstrated by the acquisition of 250 acres of forest land to protect the Skagit PUD Watershed for eternity.

I was that Commissioner who 15 years ago saw the absolute need for protecting our resources and had the skills, leadership, drive and determination to see it through! And I am that Commissioner who through my record shows that I have no agenda other than providing the absolute best Public Utility that you can possibly have. I sincerely appreciate your consideration and your vote for my reelection to continue serving you. I promise I will not disappoint you!

See Endorsements, here!

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